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Peach Crush

Inspired by Bitter Peach

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Introducing "Peach Crush," a fragrance that embodies the joyous and exhilarating experience of indulging in a perfectly ripe peach. This scent captures the essence of pure delight and vibrant energy, inviting you to immerse yourself in a fragrant journey of delectable sweetness.

Peach Crush opens with an explosion of juicy peach notes, bursting forth with a mouthwatering freshness. The aroma is reminiscent of biting into a perfectly ripened peach, releasing its succulent and sweet juices. It evokes a sense of summertime bliss, filling the air with an irresistible and uplifting aura.

As the fragrance unfolds, a playful twist emerges, adding an element of excitement to the composition. A fizzy effervescence reminiscent of sparkling citrus fruits dances in harmony with the peach, creating a vibrant and effervescent sensation. This effervescent touch adds a unique and lively character to Peach Crush, elevating it to a new level of energetic allure.

Within the heart notes, delicate floral accords intertwine with the juicy peach, infusing the fragrance with a touch of femininity and elegance. Soft petals and blossoms blend harmoniously, creating a bouquet that enhances the overall aromatic experience. This floral interplay adds depth and complexity to the fragrance, accentuating its multi-dimensional character.

In the base notes, a warm and creamy undertone emerges, leaving a comforting and sensual trail. Hints of vanilla and subtle musk caress the skin, enveloping you in a gentle embrace that lingers throughout the day. This creamy accord adds a touch of indulgence and depth, enhancing the overall richness of Peach Crush.

Peach Crush is a fragrance that captures the essence of pure delight and effervescent joy. It is a celebration of the juicy and sweet nature of peaches, enveloping you in an irresistible aura of happiness and vitality. Let Peach Crush transport you to a world of pure bliss, where every moment is infused with the vibrant and uplifting spirit of a ripe peach.
Peach Crush
Peach Crush Sale price$69.99