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Inspired By Greenley

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Verdantly finds its elegant dwelling within a statuesque emerald bottle, a true embodiment of its essence – a tribute to boundless vitality and the rejuvenating essence of spring's gentle breeze. Embracing the raw beauty of nature, this olfactory masterpiece orchestrates a delightful mélange of fruity notes, zesty citrus, earthy bark, and resinous sap, all harmoniously entwined to create a spirited whirlwind of blissful scents. However, the true revelation lies in the heart of this fragrance, where an unexpected and delightful twist awaits – a burst of crisp and tangy green apple that takes the olfactory journey to new heights.

Paying homage to nature's finest offerings, this daring creation artfully juxtaposes an array of premium materials, resulting in a fragrance that exudes opulence and masculinity. Verdantly stands as a testament to enduring quality, designed to transcend the fleeting trends of time and become a timeless emblem of sophistication and allure. Its aromatic symphony serves as an ode to the evergreen freshness of nature and the sheer joy it brings, making it a fragrant celebration of life's vibrant and ever-renewing spirit.

Just as the refreshing breeze of spring brings life to the world, Verdantly breathes new life into the senses, invigorating the wearer and those around with its exuberant and captivating aura. A bold and evocative fragrance that paints a vivid picture of nature's wonders, Verdantly leaves an indelible mark, capturing hearts and minds with its resolute charm and unwavering allure.
Verdantly Sale price$69.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Smells exactly like greenly when it dries down

Finn Huish
So nice smells just like greenly

I ordered verdantly smells just like pdm greenly got here in two days greatly recommend this

Fredy Herrera

10/10 smells identical to greenley. Gotten so many compliments. Will be buying again.



Ryan Dierlam
Customer service

This company has had the best customer support of any company I’ve ever dealt with. Their product is amazing when I had a fault they solved the problem in minutes.