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Inspired by Bvlgari Tygar

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Introducing "Jaguar" a fragrance that embodies the untamed power and regal allure of the majestic Tyger. This captivating scent captures the essence of strength and magnificence, enveloping you in an aura of fierce elegance.

Jaguar opens with a vibrant burst of energy, blending zesty citrus notes with the aromatic freshness of lush greens. Like the prowling Tyger, the fragrance commands attention from the very first spritz, leaving a trail of invigorating allure in its wake.

As the fragrance evolves, a rich and captivating heart of exotic spices and warm woods emerges. Intense notes of cardamom and fiery black pepper entwine with the smoky embrace of oud, creating a powerful symphony of depth and sensuality. This harmonious blend exudes confidence and strength, reflecting the untamed spirit within.

In the base, a regal tapestry of precious woods and velvety musk anchors the fragrance with a sense of majestic authority. Smooth sandalwood and hints of leather contribute to the fragrance's commanding presence, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and allure.

Indulge in the commanding presence of Jaguar, a fragrance that allows you to embody the untamed power and regal allure of the Tyger. Let its fierce elegance ignite your senses and unleash your inner majesty, as you conquer the world with undeniable strength and captivating presence.

Jaguar Sale price$69.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This smells fantastic! I definitely recommend it. Good projection and longevity. Reminds me of Montagne's tygr cologne and if you know anything about them then you know that is high praise.

light and crisp with good performance

This is a little more airy than some of the other clones of Tygar I've smelled and that's not a bad thing. This is their take on it. This will great in the warmer weather.

Trevor Cleere
Exceptional quality

Jaguar is the perfect dupe for Bulgari Tygre, a little goes a long way and lasts all day!