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Night Veil 01

Inspired by Vanille Antique

Sale price$69.99

Reflecting the ritual of morning fragrance application, Night Veils are tailored for nocturnal practices. Just as blossoms emit their most potent aroma during twilight hours, these intense perfume concentrates are meticulously crafted from exquisite raw elements, carefully selected for their nobility.

In this instance, the aromatic essence of vanilla bean takes on a rich narrative and distinct personality. It undergoes a metamorphosis, evolving into an unforeseen profile that eschews excessive sweetness for a more intricate and refined quality. The typical sugary notes of vanilla are counterbalanced by earthy and shadowy textures, as a harmonious blend of cashmere wood, ciste, and musk creates a captivating elixir.

Crafted into a concentrated form using traditional methods, a modest application interacts intimately with the skin and diffuses with the body's warmth, enduring for an extended duration.

Night Veil 01
Night Veil 01 Sale price$69.99

Customer Reviews

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Is it worth it

In my opinion, I believe it is a worthwhile investment if you have an affinity for a pleasant and soothing fragrance. Upon careful analysis, I have detected distinct floral notes, which are accompanied by a subtle spiciness. However, it is important to note that this particular spiciness exudes a cool and refreshing sensation, rather than a warm one. Additionally, there is a subtle hint of greenery present, enhancing the overall olfactory experience.

A scent you can never forget

I bought this and I wasn't expecting the how great it is. It's inspired by vanilla antique, but it smells better and last longer. First time I wore it i got so many compliments. Thank you so much for an amazing quality. Definitely worth buying 👌🏻

John. A
It lasts longer than the original and yet cheaper and smells the same.

First of all, I am a fragrance enthusiast, which sometimes could make me bankrupt. However, with these prices I could buy a punch of different colognes and yet I pay less than however much I would have paid for just one cologne. So, thanks Lune fragrances.